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just a few of the many reasons why I’m excited for when the tumblr generation becomes parents

yes, please make the girl with anxiety problems and a huge chemistry test tonight and sudden financial aid issues be the subject of a case study in psych 101 to exemplify the workings of the autonomic nervous system

because I just LOVE it when people stare at me and take notes when I’m stressed, thanks so much professor for volunteering me

just kill me now TT___TT


if youre attractive and you talk to me first, chances are im very confused

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Day 140: How do you feel about people disrespecting their parents?

I’m not one to judge people without knowing their story, but I don’t understand why someone would do that. Personally, my parents have done some shitty things in the past that to this day make me want to punch them in the face. But I never would, because I think they’ve shown me enough respect and consideration in the 18 years that they’ve had to put up with me to gain my total respect.

But that’s just me, and I know there are so many families out there that don’t have the same dynamic, so it depends. I believe in “respect is earned, not given”, and parents are definitely not exempt from that rule.


*goes to bed at 2am instead of 5am* wow, my life is so in order right now.  i’m making such good decisions for myself and my body and my soul and im so in love with myself for doing this

Mamacita wins

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roomie said that my oversized sweatshirt looked extra cute today because the sleeves are so long, so I’ll let tumblr be the judge of that… am I cute or nah?

enjoy this selfie break before I go back to ugly sobbing in my chemistry notes


college bookstores


college bookstores

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every full body shot of Hazel in her adorable outfits 

of course this has 7000+ notes and no attribution. #tumblr

Hazel is a character from the 2014 graphic novel ‘Seconds’ by me, Bryan Lee O’Malley! ;)

Thank you!! Re blog for added source!